why us

Why are we your perfect hotel partners

Goods right from the source

Our brand might sound new in the hotel industry, however, our experience isn’t. For more than 20 years, we’ve been the largest manufacturer for agents, brands and companies that supply for major hotels all over Indonesia. Now, we are going direct, in order to provide better value, supply and consistency for all hotels.

The largest production capacity in South-East Asia

With a monthly capacity of up to 2,500,000 towel pieces, we will not have a problem supplying your hotel needs.

Perfect supply chain with integrated manufacturing

Consistency in supply and quality can only be achieved through an integrated manufacturer. An integrated manufacturer has full control of what to produce starting from raw materials, until the finished product. Terry Palmer Group is the only true integrated manufacturer in this industry.

Flexibility based on hotel requirements

Equipped with decades of experience and expertise, Terry Palmer Group fully understands hotel needs, and is able to provide solutions that will greatly benefit your hotel.

Dependable in terms of quality and service

Aside from our premium product quality, we also make certain that our products are always available to meet hotel needs with timely delivery.

You’re in good hands

With our highly well-trained professionals, Terry Palmer has succeeded in leading the towel retail industry for more than 20 years, being a top of mind brand that supplies for millions of people in Indonesia. These same highly trained professionals are now available at your service for your hotel needs.