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A One-stop solution for all hotel fabric necessities, from bath to bed linen. With over 60 years of experience and being the largest, most integrated manufacturer in this field, we are capable of providing a perfect supply chain.
We are confident in maintaining the best product quality, value and customer service along with consistent supply capacity and on-time delivery to all types of hotels. Now hotels will finally be able to get goods right from the source.

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Brand Handuk No.1 di Indonesia Ikut Bangkitkan Industri Pariwisata

31 Jan 2023 4 min read

Diperkenalkan pada pertengahan tahun 2022, Terry Palmer Hotelier kini hadir di Bali untuk lebih mempermudah pelayanan serta permintaan bath & bed linen industri pariwisata.


Uncover The Secret To Finding Perfect Hotel Towels!

15 May 2023 3 min read

When it comes to hospitality, providing guests with the ultimate experience is key. By taking the time to carefully consider of numerous factors, you can provide your guests with a pleasant experience


Say Goodbye to Understock Towels

15 May 2023 3 min read

Maintaining an adequate supply of towels is essential, with innovative solutions and strategies, you can bid farewell to the headache of understock towels

Wrap your guest in comfort and elegance with our towel collection. Our products are made from Supima and combed materials. High-premium quality to elevate your guests' comfort experience.
High-end ultra soft quality with extra durability. Supima cotton is breathable and friendly for sensitive skin. A heavenly soft feeling for your guest, that brings abundance of warmth and a luxurious touch.
Combed Cotton
Combed cotton has been steadily gaining acceptance from people worldwide, known for its strength and softness when compared to regular carded cotton. This material also has more breathability and higher absorbance which equates to more comfort for your guests.
Bedding Essentials
We proudly offer you the very best for your bedding essential needs, from sheet set to duvet cover. Designed exclusively to give your guest a feeling of comfort and elegance.
Bed Sheet
A comfortable mattress needs to be equipped with a high quality sheet in order to justify its comfort.
Duvet Cover
Discover exquisite duvet covers crafted from luxuriously soft cotton that help your customers enjoy the most superior sleep in truly sumptuous style.
Pillow Case
No bed is complete without a pair of pillows - The reason for a perfect night’s sleep. Finishing touch of your bed and comforting your guest in every sleep with a pillow case.
Casual wrap dress to complete your bath collection and keep your guests warm before or after showering. Our bathrobe collections are made from terry and waffle materials.
Popular with hospitality establishments that prioritize the highest absorbency and softness for the guest.
Perfect choice for those who need more flexibility. Its lightness is perfect to be worn in hot weather and thick enough to be worn in cooler weather.

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