Est. 1962

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Terry Palmer Group was established in 1962 and supplied towels in the local market. Our products are well approved by customers, which brought Terry Palmer Group to the international market in 1988, where the first export to Europe commenced.
PT. Indah Jaya

As the market grew, Terry Palmer Group moved from Palmerah to Tangerang and started a new factory in 1992, known as PT Indah Jaya Textile Industry.

Within the same year, we exported the products to the Asian market. With premium raw materials and cutting-edge technology, we are constantly innovating and improving our products. All this journey has led us to expand internationally to the United States, Japan, and other high-end markets. While PT. Indah Jaya Textile Industry presents a great opportunity, in 1998, Terry Palmer began to be known as a towel brand with premium quality.

Terry Palmer Store

Warehouse Knitting Process

To compete on price and quality, in 2002, The Terry Palmer Group built their own spinning mill and expanded the business unit to include knitting and garment manufacturing.

With our consistency and integrity, we began to export yarn production in 2005 and were able to export garment production.


PT Indah Jaya Textile Industry collaborated with PT Wonderful (WF) and was known as PT Wonderful Indah Jaya between 2006 and 2021.

The collaboration has enabled us to manufacture for major hotels across the country for many years. During that collaboration, we also launched Wonderful Laundry in 2012 to take care of hotel linens as well as their required maintenance. Since 2021, Wonderful Laundry is re-branded into Terry Palmer Laundry Solution.

Terry Palmer Towels

PT. Spinmill Indah Industry

In 2011, Terry Palmer Group expanded its spinning production unit, and created PT. Spinmill Indah Industry, located in Tigaraksa.

Every piece of our product is consistent with first-rate quality and capable of fulfilling world-wide demand. The production process is handled by dedicated and well-trained professionals, also paired with the latest high-tech machinery. Within those facilities, we’re able to produce 15,000 tons of yarn and 2,500,000 pieces of towel per-month.


On top of that, in the year 2017, Terry Palmer Group acquired an established integrated textile manufacturer, PT. Apac Inti Corpora,

which has more than 25 years of experience. As a result, Terry Palmer Group is now known as
The Greater Textile Manufacturer in Indonesia and South-East Asia.

PT. apac Inti Corpora

Factory Outside
Factory Inside
With more than 130 hectares of land area,

The Terry Palmer Group consists of PT Indah Jaya Textile Industry (Tangerang), PT. Spinmill Indah Industry (Tigaraksa), and PT. Apac Inti Corpora (Semarang).

As the largest and most integrated manufacturer, we’ve always been a brand known for top-tier quality and a remarkable reputation for each product. This is the result of our constant innovation and eagerness to find ways to improve. The Terry Palmer Group is capable of producing numerous products. We provide integrated manufacturing from design to spinning, weaving, knitting, bleaching, dyeing, finishing, garment, and laundry. It brought our product to a premium quality at a competitive price. Supported by more than 10,000 employees, our products are strongly distributed both locally and in more than 70 countries worldwide (the USA, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa).
As for the Terry Palmer brand itself, for decades, it has produced many bath collections with numerous series and sister brands such as Merah Putih, which now has been recognized not only locally but internationally as well. Every item produced is determined by customer demand and market conditions for the year. For more than 20 years now, Terry Palmer is still the most recognized and number one towel brand in Indonesia.

In 2022, Terry Palmer Group proudly launched Terry Palmer Global for our sub-business. Terry Palmer Global started with a hotel linen collection named Terry Palmer Hotelier, a one-stop solution to all hotel fabric necessities, from bath to bed linen.