On-Time, Every Time: No Delay in Product Delivery

12 June 2023
2 min read
June 12 2023
2 min read

As hotel owner or hotel manager, ensuring availability of our product to fulfill guest needs is an important thing to note. Unfortunately, delay in product delivery can be a common issue that hoteliers face, which can lead to a negative impact on guest satisfaction and reputation. 

The main reasons of product delivery delay for hotels is the supplier may experience delays in their own production or delivery processes. Other than that, there are several factors which can cause product delivery delay such as, limited stock, production process, delivery, and quality issues. 


1. Supplier Issues 

They may experience unexpected shortages in raw materials or a rapid increase in demand of their products 

2. Logistics and Shipping Problems 

Logistics and shipping might be uncertain , especially during peak seasons or unexpected events such as weather delays or customer issues 

3. Quality Issues 

Sometimes when suppliers try to fulfill large quantities orders, the product quality may decrease because of the pressure to produce in a large quantities and quickly


But, Terry Palmer Hotelier can help you deal with those problems because Terry Palmer Hotelier produce massive amounts of towels. We will make sure every piece of our product is consistent with first-rate quality and capable of fulfilling high demand. 

The production itself handled by dedicated and well-trained professionals along with the latest high technology machinery. With those professional manpower and facilities, Terry Palmer Hotelier able to produce 2,500,000 pieces of towel per-month and will not have a problem supplying your hotel needs. Therefore we believe that we can help hotels to supply product in massive quantities with no delay product delivery.