Don't Let Linen Quality Issues Hurt Your Hotel's Reputation

30 May 2023
3 min read
May 30 2023
3 min read

In the hospitality industry, providing guests with a comfortable and luxurious experience is key to a successful hotel and one of the most essential things of guest comfort is the quality of the linen used in the hotel. It includes sheets, towels, and bathrobes. Unfortunately, many hotels didn’t pay enough attention to high quality linen and sacrifice quality to cut costs. It can lead to a problem not only the guest comfort but also hurt a hotel’s reputation.

Why Linen Quality Matters

A high quality linen is soft, durable, and maintains its appearance after multiple wash linen. Linen quality is very essential for a hotel, it gives comfort and satisfaction to the guest. Moreover, linen quality can also impact the overall hygiene of the hotel. 

Clean and fresh-smelling linen gives guests the impression of a well maintained and clean hotel. hotel that prioritizes high quality linen will gain guest satisfaction and reflects on the hotel's brand image


Avoiding Linen Quality Issues

To gain good reputation, these are the tips to help maintain your hotels linen quality : 

1. Invest in high quality linen

High-quality linens can withstand more washes than low-quality linens, which can help hotels save money in the long run. 

2. Train hotel staff on proper washing and drying techniques 

Make sure to train your hotel staff on how to wash and dry the linens to maintain the quality

3. Constantly check the linen quality 

Regularly check your linen product of stains, tear, or discoloration and make sure to replace those linen that already damaged


Where to buy a good quality linen for your hotel?

The best place to buy a high quality linen is from a reputable and credible store. With Terry Palmer Hotelier, you are guaranteed to find the high quality linen to supply your hotel's needs.